What You'll Learn

I've broken it down in easy to understand language so that you can feel confident and master both natural light and an easy off camera lighting setup too! Get comfortable in every lighting situation whether you're in a dark room, outside in harsh midday sun, or you've lost sunlight and are dealing with night-time photography and much more!

  • Learn how to find the best light for every photograph whether you're inside or outside

  • How to create beautiful images when natural light isn't available

  • How to create flattering images at high noon, when the sun is really harsh

  • How to identify the right artificial light source for each situation

  • How to use different types of artificial light and find out my affordable lighting gear recommendations

  • Learn my go-to off camera light set up in some of my most popular images


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Take your photography to the next level

If you’ve ever wanted to learn my top lighting tips for wedding and portrait photography, this is the online class for you!

  • 1
    • Introduction to Lighting
  • 2
    Master Natural Light Photography Indoors and Outdoors
    • How to find good quality light while indoors
    • How to work outdoors in harsh lighting situations
  • 3
    Off Camera Flash Techniques and Gear Recommendations
  • 4
    Lighting Techniques in Action with Examples
    • Examples and Explanations of Photos using OCF and Natural Light
  • 5
    The Equipment
    • Off-Camera Flash Modifiers and Gear Recommendations

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